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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Day 6

- - Monte Carlo (the city, not the casino) - -

Monte Carlo was the only place we visited where the Golden Princess couldn't dock on shore. So she (the ship) had to set her anchor down a mile or two away. Everyone had to ride one of the Golden Princess's emergency boats to get on shore. At least it allowed all of us to see that they actually worked!

The view from shore




This is the main casino in Monte Carlo. Unlike in Las Vegas, underaged kids can't sneak into the casino area because threre are guards who check IDs at the door. Right next to this casino is:


Okay, now it's time to do a little comparing. This is one of the beaches in Monte Carlo. Great crowds, eh? That's probably because right next door, in the city of Nice, there are:

One of the first places our tour guide took us was this neat garden-looking place. At the top, I was able to take the two following pictures:


Ooooh...more prettiness!


A motel! This one's actually pretty famous. A lot of celebrities have stayed here, including, as I was told, Madonna


...beaches where toplessness is allowed (and no, clicking on the picture won't make it bigger!)!

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