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Days 1 And 2
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Day 9 (At Sea Day)
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Me And My Parents
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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Days 1 And 2


It all started with a plane trip...(Sorry, the first couple of days are kinda boring in terms of pictures!)

Days 1 & 2 basically consisted of us taking a 10 hour or so flight to Amsterdam where we met up with my cousin Thomas (he even bought us some groceries--Amsterdam Delights, as I like to call them). We then took another flight to Madrid where we stayed for one night.

Don't tell my parents that I took this picture of them

This is the hotel we stayed at in Madrid (it was located right by a Planet Hollywood too!)

One of the many bullrings in Madrid (no, I didn't get to see one in person but I did get to watch it on tv)

My cousin Thomas and my mom (they're only facing the camera because they don't want to turn around and be blinded by those bright glowing green signs)

The view we had from our hotel balcony

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