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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Day 3

- - Barcelona - -

Day 3 began in Barcelona. We had arrived the previous night at the 'Abba Sants Hotel', aka "hotel with the weird name" (I swear, I asked two separate workers there how to pronounce it and they each gave me two different pronunciations). Anyways, we also met up with my aunt and uncle, the Changs, who we would be spending most of our vacation with.


If you thought traffic was bad in California, then let me give you one piece of advice: STAY AWAY FROM MADRID. Like one of my tour guides said, drivers in Spain interpret red lights only as suggestions


This is a picture of one of the structures found in the park designed by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí

Most likely Gaudí's most famous work (it's still being built too), the 'Temple de la Sagrada Familia'

Oh hey! It's (from left to right) Uncle and Auntie Chang, taking a break during a trip to ________ (I'll look the name up later)


Another Gaudí-designed structure found in the park (this one seems to resemble a house!)


Seafood (duh...actually, this is a picture of what we had for dinner. It was at this restaurant called El Congrejo Loco which I believe means 'the crazy crab'. I guess that's where the restaurant El Pollo Loco got its inspiration from?)

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