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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Days 10 And 11

- - Venice - -

Venice was quite an amazing city. During the day, it can get a bit crowded (especially with all those street sellers hogging up the walking area), but during the night, the city is really elegant. Th restaurants located in St. Mark's Square were packed during the evening, due to everyone wanting to listen to the live music. It was kind of funny, because there were two musical groups that were directly across the square from one another, and people who didn't have seats (like us) just ran back and forth trying to listen to both groups.


This is probably one of the better pictures I took on my trip


A glass factory. All the guy did was stick the glass in that oven a couple of times, shape it a little, and...


Of course, after the "glass-making show," we were taken to a glass shop (it's all about selling tourists stuff, isn't it?)

You can't have a page about Venice without at least showing some gondolas!

One of Venice's famous (and many) bridges

"Stop! In of love! Before you..break my heart!"

Voila! A glass plate that took only a few minutes to make but will probably sell for $1,000,000,000,000

This mirror is the actual one that was used in the movie Eyes Wide Shut (it wasn't for sale though). No joke

And you also can't talk about Venice without at least showing a picture of their world famous ambulances (can you imagine if their ambulances were gondolas instead?)

The Bridge of Sighs

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