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Days 1 And 2
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Day 9 (At Sea Day)
Days 10 And 11
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Pics Of The Ship
Cruise Buds
Me And My Parents
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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Me And My Parents


This is the picture that everyone seemed to remember me by("Hey! Life vest boy!")

My dad, the photographer ("Move to the, my right! Your left! Ahhhh!")


Me standing somewhere on the island of Capri


My parents basking in the Monte Carlo breeze


I hated how this picture originally turned out, so I just used my graphics program to "fix it up" a little bit so that no one could see what it originally looked like

If you look closely, you can see my mom in the mirror taking this picture


And this, my friends, is the camera that I used to take all the pictures you see on this web site (just ignore the fact that I'm making another silly face)

My mom ("I wonder if this stove is turned on...")

I have no idea what to say about this picture

Just for the record, I am NOT really puking

The nine faces of James

This picture has nothing to do with our vacation, but I had to put at least one picture of me where I wasn't making a funny face

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