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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Pics Of The Ship

The name of our cruiseship was Golden Princess. This thing was huge! There were two theaters, four swimming pools (one was even indoors with a retractable roof), a night club, at least 5 restaurants, a 24-hour dining buffect area, stores, a library, an art gallery, an aracde, a photo center, and even a casino! Lengthwise, the ship is taller than the Statue of Liberty (and even Niagara Falls)! The only bad thing? With a name like Golden Princess, I had to withdraw my plans from buying a commemorative t-shirt due to the fact that if I ever wore it, people who saw me would probably say to themselves, "Why is he wearing a shirt that says Golden Princess on it?"


The Golden Princess from one angle...

The main lobby area (looks like a friggin hotel!)

This is what our room looked like


And the Golden Princess from another angle!

One of the pools on the cruiseship

This proves that the dessert chefs on the cruiseship have way too much free time

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