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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Cruise Buds

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This is the type of fun you can have with a digital camera that has a self-timer (From left to right: Me, Charles, Jackie, Tina, Rachel, Melissa)

Christina (This is like the only picture she would let me take of her!)


Tina's dad (Mr. Mak aka Mak Daddy) and I making funny faces as always


There's me, Gillian, and Christina emerging from the darkness


Melissa saw how much fun Mr. Mak and I were having taking funny-looking pictures so she wanted a piece of the action too

Here's Kim showing off her muscles (either that, or she's covering her ears)

Tami had no idea that I was going to take this picture. I even believed she told me to delete it. Oops

All I gotta say is who is that guy in the red shirt and how did he get into the picture??

Melissa and her "fish face"

Tina and her "Get out of my room!" face


Kim and Lauren (Sorry girls, I didn't have too many pictures of you, but I still had to put you on the page!)


Paolo, the teenagers' DJ (yes, that's right, we teens had our very own club!)


Here's Rachel thinking "Stop taking pictures of me! I'm trying to write!"

Is it possible for me to take a picture where I'm NOT making a funny face?

Pretzel Guy

The very last picture taken on the Golden Princess

Me and Rachel (I don't think we know where the camera is)

The ever-so-energetic Jackie (shown here grinding with an invisible guy)


Hey, it's Gillian (notoriously known for saying "Randolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer")!


The side of Jackie's face and the front of Lauren's

On the outside, Tina's smiling. But on the inside, she's either thinking "You dork!" or "Renob!"

Christina's hand

Neighbor Charles (his room was right across the hallway from mine)

This picture was taken the night right before our [my parents and I] 3:00am airplane flight. None of us thought that we were going to see each other again (since we had all disembarked from the Golden Princess earlier in the morning), but it turned out that we had all signed up to attend the same belly-dancing show that evening! So of course we had to take one final picture!

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