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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Day 15

- - Istanbul - -

Istanbul was the last stop on our cruise. Of course, the day didn't go without a hitch (there's always something, isn't there?). I guess what happened is that our tour guide accidentally "left" six people at one of the places we were visiting. Unfortunately for the tour guide, those six people were able to track him down while we were at our next location. They started screaming things like, "Your job is in jeopardy," "Are you a professional?" "You told my wife not to worry!" and "Did it occur to you to count heads before you left? Do you even know how to count?" Ouch. I guess the tour guide was used to this happening because his basic reply was, "I'm sorry, but these things happen."




The inside roof of the Blue Mosque

Looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie

The view from outside

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