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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Day 13

- - Kusadasi, Turkey - -

Before arriving in this city, I had never even heard of Kusadasi. The city was quite impressive, however. With all the ruins that we visited, I almost thought that we were in Athens. And oh yeah, we seemed to get the crazy bus driver on this day. He completely obliterated another bus' side-view mirror, and he also happened to knock over a photo stand. Both times, he paused for about ten seconds, and then he drove off.



The ruins of Ephesus

This is my dad, displaying the correct way to sit on an "ancient toilet"...

ephesusparents.jpg cute!

This is where the Virgin Mary supposedly spent her last few days

I don't know where this dog came from, but I had to take a picture of him/her

And then of course, there's me...


The Ephesus theater. It's actually still used from time to time for concerts and such (in fact, Elton John had a concert there one week before we were joke!)

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