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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation

Ahhh....Spring Rolls....

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Notice: This web site is still being worked on. Random things here and there are constantly being changed, added, or taken out. So if you've been here before, look around some more! Remember, this website's "incompleteness" is not due to James Lin's laziness but rather his short attention sp

Hey there everybody (yes, even YOU). This is just a little page I put together that outlines the Mediterranean trip that my parents and I went on this past summer 2001. So if you're bored or you like looking at photos, go on ahead and take a look.


Anyways, let me answer this simple question first that I'm sure all of you have on your minds. Yes, this page was designed using a pre-made web template. It's been a long time since I've messed with HTML and I'm too lazy to re-learn everything. I figure it's much more simple to click a few buttons to get what I want rather than type 10 pages of HTML just to get a friggin picture to appear.

I think this page is pretty self-explanatory. Click on 'Days 1 And 2' to learn about Days 1 & 2, 'Day 3' to learn about Day 3, etc. The other sites that don't start with the word 'Day' are pretty easy to figure out (just read the title!). And if you wanna go to the page where you can find all the pictures, click on 'Links To All The Photos'.

Hmmm, I really don't know what else to type here. I'm sure if I think of something else, I'll just add it. If you're wondering what why's theres a weird picture of me above this text, it's only because even though it has nothing to do with my trip, I thought it looked cool and wanted to display it SOMEWHERE. Anyways, enjoy the site, sign the guestbook, and e-mail any comments to (or you can click on the 'Feedback' button on the right).

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