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Days 1 And 2
Days 1 And 2
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Day 9 (At Sea Day)
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2001 Mediterranean Cruise Vacation
Days 1 And 2


It all started with a plane trip...(Sorry, the first couple of days are kinda boring in terms of pictures!)

Days 1 & 2 basically consisted of us taking a 10 hour or so flight to Amsterdam where we met up with my cousin Thomas (he even bought us some groceries--Amsterdam Delights, as I like to call them). We then took another flight to Madrid where we stayed for one night.

Sleeping on the plane

Don't tell my parents that I took this picture of them

our hotel in madrid

This is the hotel we stayed at in Madrid (it was located right by a Planet Hollywood too!)


One of the many bullrings in Madrid (no, I didn't get to see one in person but I did get to watch it on tv)

the airport

The airport (you see, I told you the first couple of pictures were gonna be boring)


This is the view we had from our hotel balcony.

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